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Each month at DCI, we have a different STEM theme and with the theme come different floor demos. Below is a list of themes and demos (with links) so you can find out more about what we're doing each month.


January - Launch

Our new exhibition, Launch It!, is opening.

February - Engineering

National Engineers week is the week containing February 22.

March - Chemistry

April - Ecology

Earth Day is April 22.

May - Sound

June - Electricity and Magnetism

July - Bubbles

Our new exhibition, Fizzyology: The Science behind Bubbles, is open. Demonstration Station:

Demo Carts:

August - Math

August has traditionally been our month to focus on math at the Discovery Center. This year, with Fizzyology we'll be looking at surface area, volume and geometry related to bubbles.

September - Light and Optics

October - Chemistry

National Chemistry week (2015 theme: Colors and Dye) is the third week of October.

November - Earth and Space Science

December - Games and Computer Science

Computer Science Education Week is the second week of December, around Grace Hopper's birthday.


June – Medieval Battle Machines

Exploring Da Vinci's catapult battle machines.

July – Transportation

Focused on Da Vinci's bridges, boats and bikes

August – Genius, Polymath and Mathematical Relationships

Math was an important subject to Da Vinci

September – Invention and Making

Looking at the inventing process that Da Vinci used

October – Perception and Light

Da Vinci is known for his understanding of light

November – Mechanics

Last month of the Da Vinci exhibition

December - Toys

Everyone loves playing with toys, but making them can be even more fun