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A list of exhibits and demonstrations that cover Idaho Content Science Standard 1: Nature of Science. The specific goals of the Standard are:

  • Goal 1.1: Understand Systems, Order, and Organization
  • Goal 1.2: Understand Concepts and Processes of Evidence, Models and Explanations
  • Goal 1.3: Understand Constancy, Change, and Measurement
  • Goal 1.4: Understand the Theory that Evolution is a Process that Relates to the Gradual Changes in the Universe and of Equilibrium as a Physical State
  • Goal 1.5: Understand Concepts of Form and Function
  • Goal 1.6: Understand Scientific Inquiry and Develop Critical Thinking Skills
  • Goal 1.7: Understand That Interpersonal Relationships Are Important in Scientific Endeavors
  • Goal 1.8: Understand Technical Communication

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